Why Pre-Owned Phones Are a Good Option

Simple Answer is Savings

At TechnoG, we provide premium pre-owned phones at a non-premium price. Pre-owned phones are far more inexpensive, most times close to 50% discounted compared to out-of-the-package.

Secondly, many people opt for purchasing a pre-owned phone over a new phone to avoid many carriers’ strict upgrade policies and contracts. Don’t worry though, TechnoG customers are never locked into a contract. Our phones are sim free which means you can use them on any network without getting into any kind of contract.

Saving sounds great, but I haven’t heard great things about pre-owned phones.

Well, there are quite a few common myths about pre-owned phones out there. First, many people may assume that buying pre-owned phones from TechnoG is no different than simply buying a used phone relatively cheap through e-bay or other private-party selling sites, but they are not the same as a pre-owned phone from TechnoG.

Many times, someone will just delete their personal information from a phone and sell it as used, but here at TechnoG we buy our phones from reputable suppliers only (we do not take trade ins or buy from individuals) and each phone goes through a rigorous testing process. In addition, we offer a 12 month warranty on all our pre-owned phones.

Another myth about pre-owned phones is that they are dirty. You may have thought, “You don’t know where that’s been!” But during our certification process, all phones are meticulously cleaned from top to bottom, including inside speakers and ports.

Lastly, the myth that a pre-owned phone is more likely to break couldn’t be further from the truth. In a world of fast-changing technology with rapid, never-ending upgrades, we are led to believe by the bigger cell phone service providers that a phone is only good for about a year or two at best. In reality, most are designed with high quality hardware that lasts much longer than that! Due to this, most big sellers such as Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse have started to sell pre-owned phones.

If you’re looking for a premium-quality phone at a non-premium price, a pre-owned phone could be the best option for you. Visit our store TechnoG, located on main street, Maynooth. Co. Kildare or our online store www.TechnoG.ie to see which phone might best fit your needs, and rest easy knowing that you’ll receive only the best from TechnoG.