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Premium Quality at a Non-Premium Price

We provide premium quality phones at a non-premium price. Our pre-owned phones are fully tested and certified by our experienced technicians. Our phones are sim free so you can use them on any network. All our phones come with an original charging cable and include a 12 month warranty

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us:

  • Geraldine Larrissey Avatar
    Geraldine Larrissey
    10/23/2018 - Facebook

    absolutely outstanding service, received phone today and only ordered yesterday, immaculate condition will... read more

  • Joe Murphy Avatar
    Joe Murphy
    7/17/2018 - Facebook

    By far the best tech store in Ireland. A small, yet highly effective group of... read more

  • Gemma Doyle Avatar
    Gemma Doyle
    12/06/2018 - Facebook

    ordered a iphone 7 plus on tues received it today . great service highly recommend

  • Jackie Kiely Avatar
    Jackie Kiely
    1/13/2019 - Facebook

    This is a great shop

    Staff are so nice,phones are as good as new

  • Louise Quinn Avatar
    Louise Quinn
    11/05/2018 - Facebook

    great service. phones like brand new.

  • Ann Quinn Avatar
    Ann Quinn
    8/14/2018 - Facebook

    I would recommend this shop to anyone great staff and service very helpful will be... read more

  • Katie Deegan Avatar
    Katie Deegan
    10/30/2018 - Facebook

    Have bought 2 iPhones recently from here. One iPhone 7plus and one 6s. Both in... read more

  • Denise Traynor Avatar
    Denise Traynor
    3/24/2019 - Facebook

    Very welcoming in the shop and lovely easy to talk to I’m happy with the... read more

  • Raissa Chagas Avatar
    Raissa Chagas
    9/21/2018 - Facebook

    I bought the iPhone 7plus.. great condition, amazing price I I’ll definitely shop again soon

  • Joan Buckley Avatar
    Joan Buckley
    11/13/2018 - Facebook

    Excellent service both online and when I phoned shop ,ordered a phone on Monday had... read more

  • Elaine Murphy Avatar
    Elaine Murphy
    12/19/2018 - Facebook

    Thank you so much I ordered a phone Sunday morning and it arrived today. Amazing... read more

  • Rosaleen Higgins Avatar
    Rosaleen Higgins
    10/06/2018 - Facebook

    Everytime I enter Technog I always feel so ... read more

  • Sinéad Ní Dhúinnshléibhe Avatar
    Sinéad Ní Dhúinnshléibhe
    9/26/2018 - Facebook

    With wanting a phone upgrade for a while I done some research and compared a... read more

  • Derek Gallagher Avatar
    Derek Gallagher
    2/22/2019 - Facebook

    Bought an iPhone 7 Plus which I am very pleased with.

  • Diana M Maynard Avatar
    Diana M Maynard
    1/05/2019 - Facebook

    I cannot recommend them enough. Customer Service is 100% They know what they are talking... read more

  • Louise Heary Avatar
    Louise Heary
    11/18/2018 - Facebook

    A great shop offering great value on reconditioned phones and excellent after care service.

    All of...
    read more

  • Anne Deborah Avatar
    Anne Deborah
    1/18/2019 - Facebook

    Did anyone get a phone delivered of this company? Just don’t wana be spending so... read more

  • Geraldine Rowan Avatar
    Geraldine Rowan
    11/11/2018 - Facebook

    Bought a phone today from Cian and the service was excellent.. thank you.

  • Aisling Nic Eochaidh Avatar
    Aisling Nic Eochaidh
    8/06/2018 - Facebook

    5 star

    Just both a Samsung galaxy s7 on line last week, arrived in 3...
    read more

  • Siobhan Brown Avatar
    Siobhan Brown
    11/14/2018 - Facebook

    Bought I phone 7 was like brand new and quick delivery. great service ☺

  • Lynne Samantha Murphy Avatar
    Lynne Samantha Murphy
    10/19/2018 - Facebook

    got an iphone 6s in imaccuate condition and delivered d next day.. very nice fella... read more

  • Michelle Mcallen Hayes Avatar
    Michelle Mcallen Hayes
    9/26/2018 - Facebook

    I ordered my daughter Iphone 7 yesterday in gold came today by An Post she... read more

  • Danielle Mahony Avatar
    Danielle Mahony
    1/29/2019 - Facebook

    got an iPhone absolutely love it like new great prices and very helpful and kind... read more

  • Cameron O'Rourke Avatar
    Cameron O'Rourke
    12/07/2018 - Facebook

  • Julie Kenny Avatar
    Julie Kenny
    9/01/2018 - Facebook

    Great staff perfect phone gave 12 month warranty with phone would recommend this shop no problem

  • Victoria Kielan Avatar
    Victoria Kielan
    2/13/2019 - Facebook

    Got my phone , couldn’t be more happy ☺️

    Amazing quality and worth a buy 💕

  • Edel McDonnell Avatar
    Edel McDonnell
    9/02/2018 - Facebook

    great customer service from Sean on buying a new S7. Will definitely be recommending and... read more

  • Leon Mulraney Avatar
    Leon Mulraney
    11/14/2018 - Facebook

    The staff are polite and helpful

  • Shannon Marie Avatar
    Shannon Marie
    3/14/2019 - Facebook

    Highly recommend... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Aine Sheridan Avatar
    Aine Sheridan
    12/10/2018 - Facebook

    Honesty when you are forking out a lot of money goes a long way and... read more

  • Tony O Reilly Avatar
    Tony O Reilly
    10/29/2018 - Facebook

    defo buying ph for my Daughter for Xmas here

  • David Ryan Avatar
    David Ryan
    8/14/2018 - Facebook

    Really good customer service made sure I was sorted out, thanks

  • Bhawna Bhatia Avatar
    Bhawna Bhatia
    12/08/2018 - Facebook

    I'd smashed the screen and digitiser on my S5 and was led to understand it... read more

  • Elaine Murphy Avatar
    Elaine Murphy
    12/12/2018 - Facebook

    fast delivery and the phone is immaculate. Thanks again

  • Anthony Herdman Avatar
    Anthony Herdman
    9/22/2018 - Facebook

    Found the people in the shop very friendly and helpful the shop is well presented... read more

  • Susan Mooney Avatar
    Susan Mooney
    10/19/2018 - Facebook

    My mum and dad both bought their most recent phones here and the guys in... read more

  • Pauline Mccormack Avatar
    Pauline Mccormack
    1/22/2019 - Facebook

    i searched the country for a reasonble priced iphone 7plus. These were by far... read more

  • Mick Finn Avatar
    Mick Finn
    9/04/2018 - Facebook

    I brought my daughter’s “dead” water damaged phone into TechnoG today after reading previous reviews... read more

  • Molly Halligan Avatar
    Molly Halligan
    10/01/2018 - Facebook

    I have a question do you give chargers and ear phones with the phone

  • Samantha Duffy Avatar
    Samantha Duffy
    8/28/2018 - Facebook

    Amazing service - Love the shop and adore my new Samsung s8plus! Had for about... read more

  • Leagh Boyd Avatar
    Leagh Boyd
    7/31/2018 - Facebook

    Bought an iPhone 7 yesterday and it arrived first thing this morning! Perfect condition not... read more

  • Sharyn O Donnell Avatar
    Sharyn O Donnell
    12/03/2018 - Facebook

    i highly recommend techno g i was there today with ian great help great... read more

  • Eamonn Kearns Avatar
    Eamonn Kearns
    1/19/2019 - Facebook

    I had technical issues with my computer.

    The fee to find them was only 35 euro...
    read more

  • Grace Malone Avatar
    Grace Malone
    12/11/2018 - Facebook

    Had a great experience today served by Cian. he looked after me so well. Thanks... read more

  • Jacqueline Kane Avatar
    Jacqueline Kane
    12/15/2018 - Facebook

    Ordered 2 phones on Friday at 3pm received them a day later ( today) immaculate... read more

  • Elaine O Reilly Avatar
    Elaine O Reilly
    1/15/2019 - Facebook

    Went out today with my daughter and she got the iPhone 8. excellent condition and... read more

  • Avril Richardson Avatar
    Avril Richardson
    12/05/2018 - Facebook

    very good service ordered iphone7 yesterday received it dis mornin 👍

  • Mark Lennon Avatar
    Mark Lennon
    10/04/2018 - Facebook

    I was in with TechnoG last week. I must say they were an absolute pleasure... read more

  • Stacy Mc Grath Avatar
    Stacy Mc Grath
    11/14/2018 - Facebook

    Would highly recommend technog very helpful and order came very quick, phone was of a... read more

  • Kayleigh Byrne Avatar
    Kayleigh Byrne
    12/29/2018 - Facebook

    Great staff so kind and friendly! Bought an iPhone 7 and it’s perfect. Definitely recommend!!

  • Crystal Reid Perry Avatar
    Crystal Reid Perry
    12/30/2018 - Facebook

    daughter got iPhone 7 and loves it.

    it's perfect highly recommend this shop

  • Sharon O'Brien Avatar
    Sharon O'Brien
    3/03/2019 - Facebook

    Excellent customer service

    Bought two

    iPhones last summer and never a problem

    Would highly recommend

  • Laura Costello Avatar
    Laura Costello
    12/04/2018 - Facebook

    hey guys, i never do reviews but i jus had to leave one here, honestly... read more

  • Ann Mooney Avatar
    Ann Mooney
    9/21/2018 - Facebook

    Tk u to the brilliant team in TechnoG, bought my iPhone 7 there and... read more

  • Genine Doyle Avatar
    Genine Doyle
    8/22/2018 - Facebook

    Great prices, really fast delivery , friendly staff and phone was perfect 👌 definitely be back

  • Jennifer Gibbons Mahon Avatar
    Jennifer Gibbons Mahon
    11/01/2018 - Facebook

    Big recommendation for buying your phone from Technog. We have bought 2 phones from them.... read more

  • Michelle O' Donnell Avatar
    Michelle O' Donnell
    8/28/2018 - Facebook

  • Patrick Shanahan Avatar
    Patrick Shanahan
    4/14/2019 - Facebook

    Great value & service would highly recommend both 3 phones at Christmas very fast &... read more

  • Siobhan Loftus Avatar
    Siobhan Loftus
    1/07/2019 - Facebook

    Recieved my phone this morning it is in great condition and working perfectly. Great service... read more

  • Mike Breen Avatar
    Mike Breen
    9/06/2018 - Facebook

    Got an iPhone 7 here over a week ago. Phone is perfect!! Such great prices... read more

  • Colm Mcgrath Avatar
    Colm Mcgrath
    11/11/2018 - Facebook

    I bought an S7 recently from here last thursday, it was in immaculate condition, like... read more

  • Nicola Walsh Kearns Avatar
    Nicola Walsh Kearns
    9/06/2018 - Facebook

    Called into get Ipad screen replaced and phone screen sealed. The service is amazing Sean... read more

  • Danielle Kinsella Avatar
    Danielle Kinsella
    12/05/2018 - Facebook

    great service by young guy, more than helpful sorted me wit 2 phones hassle... read more

  • Sean Hayes Avatar
    Sean Hayes
    8/22/2018 - Facebook

    5 out of 5 very good service and rapid delivery

  • Amanda O Shea Avatar
    Amanda O Shea
    11/21/2018 - Facebook

    Great customer service and aftercare - would definitely recommend

  • Hannah Duffy-Logan Avatar
    Hannah Duffy-Logan
    3/04/2019 - Facebook

    Brilliant service I don’t remember the girls name but she was blonde and tall, definitely... read more

  • Sean Morris Avatar
    Sean Morris
    12/18/2018 - Facebook

    Ordered a phone on a friday delivered two days later. Great service highly recomended

  • Karl O Reilly Avatar
    Karl O Reilly
    9/28/2018 - Facebook

    After a lot of research on where to take a chance on buying a phone... read more

  • Eoghan McGovern Avatar
    Eoghan McGovern
    12/07/2018 - Facebook

  • Pradeep Thomas Koottummel Avatar
    Pradeep Thomas Koottummel
    9/24/2018 - Facebook

    Good service better value.

  • Melanie Egan Avatar
    Melanie Egan
    2/23/2019 - Facebook

    Got an iPhone 7 from these lads today and they were great. My phone hadn’t... read more

  • Jackie Mann Avatar
    Jackie Mann
    12/31/2018 - Facebook

    The customer care is second to none one phone call and a visit with just... read more

  • Jackie Fardey Avatar
    Jackie Fardey
    9/25/2018 - Facebook

    Great to deal with ,responded straight away to questions I had ,we bought 3 phones... read more

  • Majella Murphy Avatar
    Majella Murphy
    10/24/2018 - Facebook

    Ordered my Samsung Monday night, it arrived today, great service. Phone is like new 😊

  • Al Murphy Avatar
    Al Murphy
    9/21/2018 - Facebook

    Hi I’m the guy who exposed click.ie and eventually managed to close them down... read more

  • Eoin Byrne Avatar
    Eoin Byrne
    10/01/2018 - Facebook

    Great service friendly staff

  • Mick Brown Avatar
    Mick Brown
    8/09/2018 - Facebook

    the lads were great, would highly recommend

  • Clair Moran Avatar
    Clair Moran
    7/17/2018 - Facebook

    Headed up to the store today from Offaly.. have to say the store was set... read more

  • Rosemary Byrne Coyle Avatar
    Rosemary Byrne Coyle
    12/08/2018 - Facebook

    A very professional service provided by Cain , there was no rush and his aim... read more

  • Rosanna Cadogan Avatar
    Rosanna Cadogan
    9/07/2018 - Facebook

    What a fantastic business. Smashed my iPhone 6s screen for the first time, (the horrors)... read more

  • Pat McGrane Avatar
    Pat McGrane
    9/21/2018 - Facebook

    a very professional, courteous and efficient service from the guys. Well worth my journey from... read more

  • Kathleen O'Connor Avatar
    Kathleen O'Connor
    7/17/2018 - Facebook

    Just to spread the word out there. Both I and my friends have been to... read more

  • Emma Healy Avatar
    Emma Healy
    10/18/2018 - Facebook

    great service shop is set out very nicely staff are friendly got a nice Samsung... read more

  • Marie Byrne Avatar
    Marie Byrne
    9/12/2018 - Facebook

    Hi bought an iPhone 6s Christmas 2017 for my daughter . Button went on it... read more

  • Suzanne Carroll Avatar
    Suzanne Carroll
    9/20/2018 - Facebook

    Bought an IPhone 6 online amazing condition works excellent great product for a great price... read more

  • Daniel Mcdonagh Avatar
    Daniel Mcdonagh
    9/13/2018 - Facebook

    just ordered a Samsung s8. not only did this phone arrive before time it was... read more

  • Emer Conway Avatar
    Emer Conway
    10/18/2018 - Facebook

    orderd 2 iphones 7s yesterday and got them this mourning great services is brillant and... read more