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Virus Removal


Is your computer behaving strangely — sudden crashes, spikes in performance, or other oddities? There’s a good chance that spyware or viruses are part or much of the problem.

Viruses, Spywares, Malwares can slow down your laptop -or- pc, and can also secretly transmit your personal information to unfriendly person. It is essential to keep a clean computer to help it run faster and to keep your personal information safe.


  • In-dept analysis of infected operating system and files
  • Virus, Malware and Bloatware Removal
  • Rescue critical data i.e. word documents, pictures and emails
  • FREE Antivus Install
  • General Laptop/ Desktop Tune Up
  • Uninstall unnecessary bloatware software and toolbars from your system.
  • Windows security check and update.