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Why Pre-Owned Phones Are a Good Option

Simple Answer is Savings

At TechnoG, we provide premium pre-owned phones at a non-premium price. Pre-owned phones are far more inexpensive, most times close to 50% discounted compared to out-of-the-package.

Secondly, many people opt for purchasing a pre-owned phone over a new phone to avoid many carriers’ strict upgrade policies and contracts. Don’t worry though, TechnoG customers are never locked into a contract. Our phones are sim free which means you can use them on any network without getting into any kind of contract.

Why Buy from TechnoG

Simple answer: Premium Quality at a Non-Premium Price

We provide premium quality phones at a non-premium price. Our pre-owned phones are fully tested and certified by our experienced technicians. Our phones are sim free so you can use them on any network. All our phones come with an original charging cable and include a 12 month warranty.

Only at TechnoG can you get premium quality and a warranty, all while saving money in the process. Still, if you are not confident enough to buy from us, please go through our reviews on Facebook/Google and see what our customers say about us.